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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Home Appliances without electricity usage

When I was a kid, Most of families had all traditional items at home for meeting the home needs.

As days moved on, people started to buy items which works with the help of electricity. Listed below are few among them.

Tube light

Table Fan

Vacuum Cleaner
Washing machine

Slowly, the traditional items started to disappear in many houses as it was occupying considerable amount of space in the room.

Now, that we are  seeing frequent power cuts, people started using inverter. The domestic inverter does not support the power consumption of heavy items like grinder , washing machine etc.

Well, why to go for inverter, when we still have items which works without electricity. It is good that we grab them from the market before it run out of stock.

Pictures provided for easy reference folks...

 Candle Lamp

 Panai Olai visiri 

 Traditional mixie (Ammi kal)

Traditional Wet Grinder (Attan kal)

Traditional Dry Grinder (Ural with Ulakkai)

 little ural for grinding spices
Broom for cleaning  

Washing stone for clothes
Pictures got by searching in Google images

I know.. In the fast moving world, we can't afford to spend hours of time in using these stuff. 

This is just a post to record the items which were used in the past generation (of course still used in current generation too.. :-)

--Dhanesh Amma

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